Wedron Silica Sand is an extremely  high-purity, round grain silica sand. It ranges from coarse to very fine sand and is mined in Wedron IL, which is a 200-million-years-old sand deposit that runs from Minnesota to Oklahoma.

Rounded Grains

Because this deposit is an old river bed type of material each grain of silica is rounded. Why is that important you might think? Long time foundry workers know that the round silica will use up to 20% less binders and the finished products will be smoother and require less tooling, resulting in better products and less man hours.

Stocked Size

Rocky Mountain Abrasives is currently stocking the Wedron 530 silica which is the industry standard 50/100 foundry silica.


All Wedron silica is packaged in the following options:

80lb paper bag
4,000 Bulk Bag
Pneumatic Truckloads