ChemoursStarblast™ blasting abrasives are a loose blend range of consistently sized coarse and finer Staurolite sands with clean, rounded  surfaces. Chemours mines this superior blasting abrasive from Florida mineral deposits, and then washes it to ensure freedom from dirt, dust and ultrafines.

Starblast™ is a general purpose blasting abrasive commonly found in operations such as steel fabrication, bridge maintenance, pre-finish painting/coating applications for the removal of mill scale, rust and failing coatings from steel structures and components. Power companies also use Starblast™ in maintenance operations to minimize the presence  of dust that could cause harm to essential equipment. Additionally, Starblast™ is the abrasive of choice for the cleaning of equipment used in hydraulic applications.

Available in the Following Packaging:

80 lb Paper Bags
4,000lb Bulk Bags
Pneumatic Bulk Trucks