Green Diamond Sand Products is one of the leading specialty sand  manufacturers in the United States. Operating since 1954, the Green  Diamond name represents the natural green color, and the hardness of  diamonds. Green Diamond Sand Products is continuing to see tremendous  growth in the Abrasive, Foundry, and Roofing industries with a durable  product that is safe on the environment and for those who handle it. We  currently produce over 40 products for different industries throughout  the United States and various parts of the world.

Additional Information

Contain no free silica, eliminating the risk of silicosis.

Approved to be environmentally safe. 

Moisture Free – will not pack or absorb moisture.

Faster cutting due to its durability and sharp angular edges.

Leaves surfaces clean.

Available in many sizes and custom blends to be used in numerous applications from the removal of tough permanent bonds, to a lower profile for removing light paint and rust.

Available in the Following Sizes:


Available Additives:

Fesibond (Lead Abatement)

Available in the following packaging:

80 lb. Paper Bags
4,000 lb. Super Sacks
Pneumatic Truckloads